Kids Culinary Arts 
is where students learn
nutritious food
is delicious food!

Cooking is fascinating to children.  They love the process of adding, stirring and blending ingredients together in order to see something unique develop -- something special they have created.  

Kids Culinary Arts has the Recipe for Healthy Kids:

1)  Take any group of children


Add Nourishing Ingredients
3)  Teach them how to Cook


Kids Culinary Arts is an educational organization with a fresh, innovative approach for nourishing a child's mind, body and spirit.  Our creative school curriculum and healthy cooking programs give kids the opportunity to have first-hand experience with nourishing food.  

Cooking, an essential life skill a generation ago worthy dedicated classroom time,

is becoming a lost art or worse – a spectator sport!  

Kids Culinary Arts gives students the hands-on classroom experience needed to learn how important healthy eating and cooking is for their lifelong well-being.  

Providing healthy eating and cooking educational programs for kids is a great way to interest them in nourishing foods and to build a foundation for healthy eating.  Kids, parents and educators love our engaging, hands-on approach!!!  

Most kids want to learn how to cook. Combine a child's enthusiasm for cooking with 
our creative healthy eating lessons and you get a winning recipe kids who will eat -- and enjoy -- 
healthy foods! 
Most importantly, our unique approach allows us to take meaningful steps in helping children develop good health habits which provide a great foundation for academic success and lifelong well-being.  

Register your kids for one of our great programs:   

We offer a variety of engaging, active,  FUN hands-on cooking experiences for children who can develop a passion for nourishing food and enduring life skills.  (Often the kids might not even care about how nutrient-rich the foods they are preparing are because they are just having a good time being in the kitchen cooking.  Rest assured, the kids are learning!)

Beaming with pride, the young chefs often bring a sample of their culinary creations home to share with the family -- if they haven't eaten everything in class!  

At Kids Culinary Arts
   students learn that 
     nutritious food is
       delicious food


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Kids Culinary Arts students celebrating September as Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in NH with a trip to meet former NH Governor John Lynch along with
Cathy Duchesne Founder of Kids Culinary Arts. 

At Duchesne’s request, Governor Lynch declared
September Childhood Obesity Awareness month
in New Hampshire.


The culinary arts -- the art and science of cooking -- can enhance a child's abilities in so many ways.  Traditional classroom lessons, including Math, Science and Language Arts, come to life and are reinforced while essential life skills are developed through our cooking programs.  Equally important, creativity and confidence flourish when students realize that they can transform simple ingredients into delicious creations.   

  • All programs are hands-on with each student participating actively in the preparation of the food.  
  • In addition to cooking skills, classes include age-appropriate discussion about Math, Science, Nutrition, food definition, kitchen and equipment safety, safe food handling and food presentation. 

Kids Culinary Barks???
Even Bailey wants to be in the kitchen!
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